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Welcome to our ConciergePhoto.com page via Smugmug. We picked Smugmug as our gallery as it allowed us to give you, our clients a better shopping experience.  Our printing goes through BayPhoto in San Francisco, one of the top professional photo labs in the USA. We have removed some choices that would reduce the ability to enjoy your print purchase. BayPhoto is a professional lab, so your prints will be way beyond the quality you get from locations like Costco and Walgreens. The Metallic inks are stunning and the paper quality second to none. We hope you enjoy your experience.  Please note, we normally shoot in 2:3 aspect ration, so when ordering, use those sizes, 4x6, 8x12, 12x16, 16x24 etc.

About me; I have been active in photography my entire life. Got my first camera back in the last 60s, and started taking it serious in the 70s. By the 1980s I was working with models and rock and roll bands. We have some of the Rock & Roll here on our page, but mostly sell through Etsy and eBay. We owned Rock & Roll Rarities in Reseda CA. In the early 1990s I had to sell off the gallery due to a wife/partner absconding with our life savings and biz accounts, along with a man she met in my gallery… Stuff happens.

Following that, I went to work for Kinko’s Corporation in Ventura, CA. I was the Systems Manager there until I left for GlaxoWellcome in the UK in 1997. I was on a one-year contact as Project Development Manager. I came back to the USA in 1998 as Director of IT & Consulting for a Software Company. When that company closed, I opened eBay and shipping stores in Oregon and California. We closed them in 2009. Currently mostly doing Property Management through Washington State.

For now, I am only doing paid shoots that inspire. I will on occasion to Trade when doing a project for a book, publication or movie, where credit for the work equals fair compensation.  Our specialty is empowering women and celebrating the female form.  Portraits, Lingerie, Boudoir, and more.   

My rates are reasonable for what I offer. We will never be the lowest, nor the highest bid. Depending on the project we sometimes take 20% off if you will sign a model release. Rates start at $165 per hour for shooting and $75 per hour editing.

Please contact us at info@conciergephoto.com with any questions. We are all about you, giving you the best experience and quality.

Memories that last generations, be remarkable!

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I specialize in Model Photography,  Professional Portraits, & Fine artwork. I don't normally work with families, kids, babies, or pets, not my thing.  I love events that are unique and over the top. I've been published over 50 times in magazines throughout the USA and EU.

I closed my Portland OR studio in 2015.  For indoor locations, we can scout places and/or use AirBNB and/or Luxury Hotels.  Locations and lighting is vastly important to my process.


How to Contact Us:

For general questions: info@conciergephoto.com

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