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Payments & Booking

Session Payments

Welcome to our site - Our studio address is 123 NW 2nd Ave, Portland Oregon 97209 Suite 301.  If you wish to use the elevator, enter through the courtyard at 222 NW Davis. Elevator to the 3rd floor, studio is on the right suite 301.  

When  you're deciding on what package and price works, please consider the following.  Hair and Makeup is very time consuming.  Makeup for a photo shoot is vastly different at time than a night on the town.  Please allow 60-120 minutes per person for hair and makeup. 

Couple shoots over solo portrait shoots are much more complicated, please allow a 1/2 to 1 hour extra.  Posing, lighting and shooting is much more complex.  Editing takes about 60% more time.  This is even more so on couples who skin tones are vastly different in color, shade and light/dark.  Please don't feel you can rush in, take a seat and be back to watch the game in 15 min.  Not going to happen.

Please be aware we can't show all you get with the prices in the drop down box and most photographers don't share their prices online as many shop by price and not value.  The Web Special prices are currently just like the more expensive shoot except no hair, or makeup and is based on time, so in/out in no more than 90-min.  Edits and lighting and quality is unchanged. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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